20 Awesome Brick Walls in the Bathroom

I can’t tell you enough how much I am fascinated with brick walls in the interiors. As a kid, we were told of the story about the Three Little Pigs where one of these brothers (the last one) made a house of bricks that saved him and his brothers from the big bad wolf that […]

20 Beautiful Drum Shade Lighting in Bathrooms

Bathrooms usually have the simplest lighting or lighting fixtures in all the parts of the house – but definitely not on the bathrooms on this list, I’ll tell you that. Of course having a decent lighting in the bathroom is a necessity, but picking a bit more expensive or classy fixture is not; that is […]

22 Free Standing Oval Bath Tubs in the Bathroom

One item in the bathroom that will instantly make you feel relaxed is the bath tub. Aside from making you feel this way, it is of course an essential item in the bathroom for bathing or merely for relaxing. You can also spend time just dipping in the water white reading a book o listening […]