20 Beautiful Dining Rooms with Black Accent Walls

When we talk about accent walls and then search them on the internet, especially when we discuss about colored accent walls, we usually see red or black accent walls. These two colors are the most popular things that we can usually pick up on the internet and even in normal conversations with other designers or […]

Storage Benches in 20 Beautiful Bathrooms

For most people, storage has always been an issue at home – most often than not, we have a lot of it or pretty much limited to none. This is because oftentimes, we shop for new things which meant that we need to keep or store away the old things that needed replacement. As much […]

20 Stunning White Double Bathroom Vanity

Ever wished that you and your partner could actually share a bathroom together? Especially during times when you actually want to brush your teeth or wash your face? Well, we all know by now that in today’s recent practices, designers already are starting to use double vanities which are evidently loved by a lot people. […]

20 Awesome Red Accent Chairs in the Dining Room

We feature a lot of spaces here in the site about different colored things – and today is that kind of day. We have a list that will be showcasing a couple of dining rooms that use red chairs as accents – or that special kind of seat in the entire arrangement. We see a […]

20 Dining Rooms That Open to a Balcony

More often than not, it is uncommon for homes to have their dining spaces open up to a balcony; if you might have noticed, it’s usually a living area that opens to a balcony – or a bedroom! But, every so often, we have designers who go out of their ways to really create a […]