West Village Micro Apartment Turns into a Multi-Functional Home

Many homeowners worry about space thinking that they will not be able to live comfortable in a home that is too small. But with the creativity of designers these days, we will realize that can actually live wherever we want to- may that be an old bus or a tiny apartment. What makes a difference […]

20 Modern Bathrooms With Wall-Mounted Toilets

One trend that is becoming popular in bathroom designs is the use of wall-mounted toilets. For sure you have seen it in many modern bathrooms and renders and I know you will agree with me that it really looks nice and neat. Having one could alleviate the appeal of your bathroom especially if you are […]

20 Creative Bike Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Homeowners have varying interests from sports and other activities. This can be seen in their homes and the different spaces that they need in order to perform some tasks related to their work and to their interests. In some cases, they even require a separate shed for it that is why we have sheds for […]

20 Nursery Room Painting Ideas for Your Little Loves

When a family is expecting an additional family member, everyone gets so excited and one thing that the family would do is prepare the nursery. With a new baby coming, parents will make sure that everything is perfect once the baby arrives. Decorating and designing the nursery is one thing that the parents would do […]

Hardwood Floors: How To Clean It + 20 Interior Design Inspiration

While many of us are thinking of how to make our homes beautiful, we also have to take note that it is important to keep our home clean. For sure you will all agree that a clean space beats a beautiful dusty space. Indeed, no matter how beautiful a home is if it lacks cleaning, […]