A Contemporary House in Scotch Cove Intended for Family Gatherings

The design of the house will depend on the people who will live in it. Designers need to consider what the homeowners do for a living and what certain activities they love to do. This way, the house will be a perfect fit for them. But that’s not all. It is also important to consider […]

A Modern Farmhouse in Pennsylvania with Rolling Sunshades

Farmhouses are usually combined with house barns where the animals live. It is located in a rural or an agricultural setting. If you have watched the television series or have read the book about Heidi, you will no doubt picture this. This kind and sweet little girl lives in a farmhouse on top of the […]

Point Grey Laneway House Features the Contrast of Black and White

Have you heard of a laneway house? This is a form of housing wherein homes are typically built into pre-existing lots. This is usually the backyard or an opening to the back lane. Interesting, right? This kind of housing is common on the west coast of Canada, mostly in the Metro Vancouver area. But we […]

A Pottery Shed Made From Salvaged Materials

Not all houses or buildings are made with a huge budget. Some are actually built even with a modest budget but it still looks really great. Do you think that it possible? Of course, it is! In fact, there are many homes that were built from scratch by reusing available materials around the area. And […]

Theodore Wirth Ranch Exudes a Homey Modern Vibe

Who wouldn’t want to live in a home that is not just beautiful but also totally comfortable and cozy? Of course, all of us want a home like that, whether it is in the city or in an area surrounded by trees. After all, homes are built to make us feel relaxed in the same […]

Tower Grove Drive Residence Beautifully Combines Wood, Stone, and Glass

We do not need to debate on the fact that the materials used in making a home could either make it or break it. While others make use of concrete, some designers successfully combine various materials together. The result? A unique stunning home that every home owner would like to own! Well, this is what […]

Concrete Modern Mach House in Argentina

Because of the strength of concrete, many homeowners and builders alike prefer to use it as the primary material for your home. But did you know that aside from its being sturdy, concrete also looks beautiful? While most homes prefer to paint concrete walls, others just leave it as is. What does it mean? Well, […]

Autohaus: Not Just a Home for a Family, But Also for Cars

Do you have a collection? Well, most of us have a collection and we always want to show that to other people. But what about if you are fond of collecting huge items like cars? How can you fit that in your home? Some homeowners actually have spacious homes and it is not hard for […]

20 Dreamy Bohemian Balcony Ideas

Balcony space, more often than not, becomes the least of the priorities when it comes to decoration or beautification in a home. Do you agree? Let us admit it, we do not normally spend time in a balcony especially if you are living in a city where you only get to see your home when […]

Union Bay Residence: A Seattle Family Home Perfecting with Two Volumes

When it comes to modern home design, there are so many options that one can have. All of this depends on what the owners need and want for a home. What do you think are the things that owners consider before building or buying a home? Of course, the location is one important thing. Aside […]

Dry Creek Residence Sits on a Hillside with Views of the Valley

Living in a home that is set in a natural environment makes one feel more comfortable. Do you agree? For sure, you will! It feels different when you live around trees or the beach or you get views of the mountain. This makes us feel better and more relaxed. That is why many homeowners prefer […]

Two Halves House: An Australia Home Split into Two

The design of a home varies depending on what the homeowners need. Aside from that, the location, lot area, and shape also need to be considered for a home’s design. Most of the time, homes are designed as one structure. Although other homeowners also prefer to have two different houses separated from each other but […]