20 Gray L-Shaped Sofa for the Living Room

A living room looks empty without a sofa. It is one of the living room essentials that one needs to have. But when you are buying a sofa, there are many things that you need to consider. Yes, you can’t just pick one and buy it at once. One thing that you need to consider […]

House In Messaria: A Stunning White Modern Home in Greece

When you think of homes in Greece, the first thing that will come to your mind are white stone houses or white homes with straight lines or curvy features. This is a common thing that we can see in movies or in postcards. The traditional Greek house design is still famous these days. But did […]

Barn Guest House: Once a Horse Barn, Now a Stunning Modern Home!

Home renovations aren’t new to us. In fact, there are many structures that were transformed into a home in an amazing manner. There are churches, offices, warehouses and many others that were renovated into homes. Yes, it is indeed possible no matter what is the condition of the structure. However, it is important the foundation […]

20 Warm and Homely Contemporary Rustic Bedrooms

Have you heard of rustic interiors? For sure you did. When you hear this, what immediately comes to your mind is the heavy use of wood in the space. It literally means that the wooden texture is retained which can be seen in almost everything in the interior. But not everyone likes this look, right? […]

A Tower House is Built As An Extension of a Home in Texas

We have seen guest houses that are built separately from the original home. This way, guests are given the freedom and privacy they need while they are in your house. But guest homes aren’t the only ones that can be built detached from the primary house. There are also pool houses, garage, sheds and others. […]

Apartment MICF Combines Modern Interior and Brazilian Style

Sometimes, we want to integrate some cultural elements into our homes. This way, we are able to bring some aspect of the family’s history into the interior. Who said that this isn’t possible? We have seen many homes that are designed this way. When done in this manner, the house looks even more personalized and […]

20 Modern One-Storey Home Designs for Your Inspiration

Are you planning to build a one-storey house for your family? If you are, then you are at the right page. Single-storey family homes are actually good especially if your lot area is big. Like taller homes, you can also add more rooms in it, depending on your available floor area. But what we like […]

Trousdale Residence Features a Stunning Entry and Green Walls

We love anything that has an inclination to nature! No wonder many homeowners look for a way to add plants in their house. Did you know that there are actually more than one ways to do that? Yes! There are indeed so many ways to add plants inside your home. This includes bringing in plants […]

20 Modern Black and White Kitchens That Used Wood

In designing the interior of our home, we are given many different choices when it comes to color and materials. Whatever is our choice has a great impact on how the space will look like and it will create the aura of the space. Have you felt the difference of a room with all white […]

Dark Colors Are Used in This Modern Home in South Africa

Most homes would make use of neutral colors in its interior. And for the exterior, it would usually be white with some accents of black or brown. But some homes actually use dark colors in most of its areas. And guess what, it looks totally beautiful! Yes, you read that right. It looks beautiful and […]

Get a Relaxing Sleep in These 20 Contemporary Bedrooms with Plants

Plants may look beautiful in our garden but it can actually benefit us if we add it in our bedrooms. According to scientists, there are some plants that you need to add in your bedroom to help you reap plenty of health benefits. Want to know what they are? Well, these include Aloe Vera, Areca […]

Before and After: An Old Chino Canyon Home Gets a New Look

The trend these days is to do-it-yourself. This means that we can create different things using whatever materials we have. And of course, we have to do it on our own- even home design and decorating! Can you believe that it is actually possible to do that? Well, it sure is! You can design and […]