20 Bright Modern Sunroom Designs

Do you want to bask in the sun while you are inside your house? Is that even possible? Of course, it is! You really don’t need to go out just to feel the sunlight. Simply having glass windows in the house will allow you to have a good amount of natural light inside your house. […]

Badalona Refurbishment: From an Old Blacksmith Shop to a Home

This isn’t the first time that you will hear about an old structure being renovated into a home. There are already many homes that are actually from old spaces but after the update, it transformed into something new that no one is expecting to see. Homes like this give us hope that no matter how […]

Casa OM1 Allows Nature Interaction with Its Gardens

Isn’t it nice to live in a house that is surrounded by nature? It would be very relaxing if you see plants everywhere! Although we can actually add plants indoors, it is still better to have your very own garden or courtyard. Do you agree? When you have that, you have a natural environment that […]

The Modern Contemporary Black and White Interiors of Toorak House

You have seen many homes with black and white interiors. For sure, you love its minimal appeal and even the burst of colors from its accessories. What is good about this combination is its versatility and how it appeals to many. Apart from that, it is also timeless and elegant. No wonder many homes use […]

The New Twin Peaks: A 1970s Home Update With Two Roof Ridge

Living in a house with a unique design isn’t just fulfilling for the homeowners. It is also a pride for the designers as well. That is why most architects would do their best to come up with a unique design that suits the needs of their clients. This is what happened to the house that […]

A Modern Boat House with Spectacular Vistas

Do you want to chill and relax on a boat house? Why, not, right? It would be very nice to have that chance to relax with nature’s beauty around you. Aside from the waters, there would be tall trees and other beautiful sceneries. You can actually do that especially if you have your very own […]

Relaxing Contemporary Interior of Beatty Loft in Vancouver

You will no doubt agree with me that the interior of a home has a great impact to how the way of living of the homeowners. Would you live in a home that is dark and closed-off? I think not. All of us would prefer to live in a house that is bright and airy […]

A Small Modern Backyard Painting Studio in The Netherlands

Do you have an additional space in your yard for a shed or other garden structures? It would be nice to have one where you can do other things privately- without anyone disturbing you. That is why, some people have their own sheds where they can write, paint, do crafts and others. But if you […]

HoF Residence: A Contemporary Home with Interior Industrial Features

For some, an industrial home looks grungy or messy. Do you think the same way? Well, these days, many homeowners adapt the industrial look for their interior. It allows them to use a mix of wood, steel, metal and concrete. The result? Totally stunning! You can appreciate it more once you see industrial interiors like […]

20 Beautiful Bathrooms with Vessel Sinks

Most people would think that choosing a sink isn’t really a big deal especially that we are usually after its function and not its look. But there are some homeowners who are very particular about the design of the sink which has a huge impact to the look of the bathroom. That is why one […]

Uninterrupted Sea Views from Villa Kali, A Modern Home in Lebanon

Nothing beats the satisfaction of being around nature. That is why some people would travel long distances just to reach beaches or to experience unique outdoor adventures. But it would be more fulfilling if our homes are located near the wonders of nature. It could be a beach, mountains, in the middle of the forest […]

Bell Henry Residence: An Elegant Minimalist Home in Washington

Modern homes come in different designs. But of course, most of them would stick to the usage of sleek lines and geometric shapes. Aside from that, the designers also make sure that the design is functional and practical. But is that all? Not just that! The interior of a home would have a beautiful design […]