20 Timeless Midcentury Modern Dining Rooms

What comes to your mind when you hear about a midcentury modern interior? Maybe you will think of a mix of traditional styles and new ones, right? But that isn’t the only thing that midcentury spaces showcase. So, what are its distinguishing features? Midcentury modern interiors focus on function and form. It has uncluttered and […]

Charles House in Australia: A Modern Home That Grows with the Family

Every homeowner would want to have a home that would grow with the family. This way, they can live in the house for many long years and their children’s children will also have that chance to live in the home they have invested and worked hard for. For sure, having a house that will stand […]

20 Living Rooms with Floor-to-Ceiling Windows

Would you live in a house without windows? I’d guess your answer would be a big no. Can you imagine staying in a boxed home with no air or light or a good view from a window? Well, that wouldn’t be a home at all! That is why it is important to add windows to […]

Striking Indoor and Outdoor Features of the Rough House in Vancouver

All of us wants a home that is beautiful both inside and outside. That is why homeowners work with professionals when it comes to building their houses. This is to make sure that they will get the kind of home they want not just for the architecture but in the interior as well. If you […]

A Small Sydney Apartment Features Creative Storage Solutions

Are you living in a house with a small footprint? Are you having problems on how you can fit everything inside? Well, worry not. We have the solution for you. These days, there are many small homes that have all the functions needed to give the owners a comfortable life. This shows us that no […]

Palma Plaza Spec in Texas: A Modern Home with Peaked Roof

Most of the time, you will think that modern homes have flat roofs, shed roof or a roof deck. But if you browse into modern home designs, you will realize that it is not always the case. If you think that peaked roofs won’t work for modern houses, you are wrong! Do you want to […]

Loft Beds with Desk in 20 Chic Girls Bedroom

Every girl is a princess and parents always want to give the best for them. One way of doing that is by giving them their own fancy and chic bedroom. Although kids would ask for a princess themed room, others would still prefer one that is functional. This means that they can use it for […]

Tent House: A Totally Distinct Retreat in Waiheke Island, New Zealand

Do you love camping? If you do, you have experienced sleeping inside a tent. Isn’t it nice to sleep in a tent with nature around you? Spending time outdoors is indeed a rewarding experience. Apart from being able to appreciate the creations of God, you will also feel relaxed outdoors. But how would you feel […]

20 Loft Beds with Desk For Boys Bedrooms

Are you looking for a loft bed that is perfect for your children? Well, for younger kids they would prefer those where they can play and hide. They might even want something that comes with a theme. For teenagers, they would love to get a loft bed with a working or study area. With this, […]

Bespoke Modern Town House in Thailand by Baan Puripuri

Have you seen a home with planter boxes in its facade? You might say yes because there are many homes that add planters in the front area of their house. But have you seen one with planters as big as a terrace? Well, this is what you will see in today’s feature. We are going […]

20 Beautiful and Bold Black Staircase Design Ideas

Aside from connecting different levels of a home, a staircase can also be an added highlight to your home. Others even consider it as a sculptural element inside the home. Do you agree? Well, you might think that stairs look simple with treads and riser. But you are wrong! You can actually come up with […]

Perf House Features Unique Circular Glass Flooring

Glass is widely used for home construction because of its transparency, heat resistance, pressure as well as its chemical resistance and breakage resistance. It is commonly used for windows and doors to allow the entry of natural light. Aside from that, it can also be used as kitchen countertop, staircase railing, pool fencing and many […]